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2024/4/1 9:16:27

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ --IMM Carehub, a pioneer in preventive care, healthy ageing, and geriatric rehabilitation, continues to make waves in the healthcare industry. As Malaysia's First Lifestyle Rehab Centre for Seniors, IMM Carehub stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence, providing comprehensive wellness solutions for older adults.

Active seniors engaged in strengthening training guided by physiotherapist
Active seniors engaged in strengthening training guided by physiotherapist

With a rich tapestry of services tailored to address the holistic needs of seniors, IMM Carehub offers a unique blend of preventive healthcare services that are supported by Artificial Intelligent (A.I) Technology, Robotic, IoT for evidence-based outcome. From cutting-edge medical gym facilities to specialized cognitive care programs, the state-of-the-art centre is committed to enhancing the quality of life for older adults.

Since its inception, the centre has helped hundreds of older adults in enhancing their cognitive health, preventing falls, and strengthening their muscles. An intervention studies conducted by University of Sydney has recorded a 60% reduction in Falls among seniors who used the same technology. 100% of the users from IMM Carehub observed improvement in muscle strength over a period of two (2) months of training.

IMM Carehub's comprehensive range of services includes:

"At IMM Carehub, our mission is to empower older adults to live their lives to the fullest," said Dr. Jillian Yeoh, Founder of IMM Carehub. "Through our integrated approach to wellness, we provide the solutions to optimise your well-being in many aspects."

Driven by a deep-seated commitment to improving eldercare, Dr. Yeoh founded IMM Carehub with the vision of creating a nurturing environment where seniors can thrive. Her passion and dedication have earned her recognition as a Global Ageing Trailblazer in the field of ageing.

As Asia's leading Senior Lifestyle Rehab Centre, IMM Carehub is dedicated to increasing awareness and accessibility to its services. Through strategic partnerships and community outreach initiatives, IMM Carehub continues to champion the cause of healthy ageing and independent living.

In a remarkable achievement, IMM Carehub was honored with the prestigious 'Facility of The Year - Active Ageing' Award at the 11th Eldercare Innovation Awards 2023. This accolade underscores IMM Carehub's commitment to excellence and innovation in promoting healthy ageing. Notably, IMM Carehub is the first Malaysian entity to receive this esteemed award in Asia Pacific, further solidifying its position as a leader in the field.


IMM Carehub, owned and operated by IMM Healthcare Sdn Bhd, a pioneering force in the realm of medical technology, specializing in healthtech, inclusive wellness, and geriatric rehab. With accolades such as Accelerator Winner of the Khazanah Impact Innovation Challenge in 2021 and alumni of 500 Global, UNDP, and MRANTI (known as MaGIC), IMM Healthcare epitomizes excellence and innovation in the healthcare sector.

Recognized as a social enterprise, IMM Healthcare's mission is fortified through the establishment of IMM Carehub, a Multi-Award-Winning Lifestyle Centre devoted to preventive care, healthy ageing, and geriatric rehabilitation. Through a blend of cutting-edge technology and a commitment to accessibility, IMM Carehub offers a comprehensive array of services tailored to enable older adults to take charge of their health journey. Leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics, the centre delivers personalized health assessments, monitoring solutions, and tailored recommendations to its members. Whether seeking preventive care, managing chronic conditions, or simply striving for overall wellness, IMM Carehub provides a seamless and intuitive experience, fostering a proactive approach to healthcare that promotes longevity and vitality.




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